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Do you review the wonderment of the “Wizard of Oz?” It’s a phenomenal story of Dorothy and her canine, Toto, lost in a peculiar universe of little individuals, witches, flying monkeys and wizards. She is cleared away by a huge, dark, unpropitious twister and shipped to a remote spot. What’s more, despite the fact that she is totally out of her component and has no clue how to come back to that little cultivate in Kansas, the adventure that she encounters causes her to get herself and carries her closer to home. Much like the character, we can without much of a stretch get sucked up in the fierce breezes of our unpleasant days and end up off track.

Dorothy’s movements took her to some new and startling region, however she stayed engaged and vivacious. The “yellow block street” that she was told to pursue kept her on track until she arrived at the Emerald city. Also, en route, she had the option to get to know three characters that mutual her assurance – a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. Notwithstanding the reality they had various issues and objectives, they each helped each other to move towards their goal.